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South Korea Travel Information

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South Korea Travel Information

South Korea is a famous, hi-tech nation that has taken good advantage of the capitalism agenda of controlling its matters. This country is highly and quickly grown with modern facilities, luxurious leisure facilities, plus an established tourism sector. South Korea is a republic located in the southern half of the Korean Peninsula. South Korea’s capital is Seoul that has furthermore been the primary city for ancient kingdoms in the last six centuries. When coming to this nation, you can experience both traditional and modern lifestyles of people here.

South Korea Travel Information

There are 3 ways for everyone arriving South Korea: airplane, ship and train transport. Most of flights in South Korea are very modern and advanced such as Korean Air and the Asian Air carriers, among many other upcoming air carriers. You’ll find seven operating air carriers in South Korea in which the Seoul Incheon International Air carrier provides visitors tickets between Seoul and many other places all over the world: France, Turkey, U.S.A, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong in China. Six airports of the rest are: Gimhae (in Busan), Cheongju, Daegu, Jeju, Muan and Gimpo (in Seoul) International Airports.

However, if you are from Japan, you can use train transport to reach one of the South Korea’s train stations; therefore, you should keep the specific locations where the trains go through.

songdo city incheon south korea

Otherwise, you can also board ferries from Japan to the Busan sea port. From the Weuhai and Tianfin in China, visitors can go to Spuht Korea’s port and vice versa through Incheon ferries. An advice for everyone is that they should not use car transport from North Korea because of its dangers and border conflicts.

Being a developed country with various cultures, it is not surprised that South Korea can provide full accommodation facilities for visitors: motels, hotels, minbaks, judi bola and temple-stay houses that suite individual homing needs of travelers coming to this wonderful nation. The health care services and dinning facilities are highly advanced. The expense for your stay has a wide range; therefore, the lower class may last their holiday in South Korea. However, because Seoul is the capital of the country, so the accommodation is twice more costly than other place outside this city.

South Korea is the country which has combination of tradition and modern, so it is no wonder that all luxurious hotels in every city offer both modernized and Korean styles. However, the Korean bedrooms will not offer beds. Visitors sleep in mattresses on tidied on the floor. To make sure the floor isn’t cold, the floor warming system namely Ondol helps keep the rooms warm during cold seasons. Every room has its own televisions.

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Dining in South Korea follows a strict etiquette formula. You have to use the metallic chopsticks to dine. For completely new comers, the best and quickest way to learn how to improve etiquettes is learning etiquettes and practicing on table manners there’s a chance to uncover the etiquettes as well as the encounters on table manners, which might be the most effective techniques for improving their dining etiquettes. South Korean dishes really are a little sophisticated and fun to enjoy with numerous special delicacies on the same table. You’ll find several types of food joints: restaurants, the Bunsik – fast food joints, Kogijip – mainly for meat dishes, Hoejip – for fish desserts as well as the Hansik – for whole serving in the Korean meal.

One thing can not but mentioning about the tourists destinations to go in South Korea. Some special locations visitors can go to:

  • The Andong village which bears the pure Koreans traditional culture.
  • The Panmunjeom site that keeps its initial status as from the moment it staged the Cold War. These sights of the war are still alive and display almost events in the war.
  • Boseong is a great location to experience the majestic feel in the unique, clean, eco-friendly environment spectacular, rolling, hilly landscape a luxurious spa and sea bath set to make your time in South Korea become more wonderful than ever.