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North Korea Travel Guide

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North Korea Travel

North Korea is a lovely destination to savor wonderful, Asian, cultural occasions, visit tourist sights and monuments that really help visitors understand a little more about this nation. North Korea is a territory that’s shares half from the Korean Peninsula with South Korea. North Korea‘s capital is Pyongyang, which holds a supreme history to become the main city for ancient kingdoms that familiar with rule the place.

North Korea Travel Guide

Traveling to North Korea, visitors will not need to worry about the accommodation. In this beautiful country, you can find every kind of accommodation facilities for your short or long holidays. Luxurious and modern hotels are always available for you to gain comfortable and elegant lifestyle. The cheaper choices and discounts may be more reasonable if you traveling as a large group.

One problem in this country is that dining have to be arranged. Guiders are available to guide travelers with the tours in addition to make sure that they feel comfortable each day. Restaurants can be found mostly inside the capital but the expenses for a dining in North Korea is costly thus you ought to have your tour guide setting your meals. Walking to the Kwangbok Street and USS Pueblo you will see a lot of Italian restaurants. If you are a big fan of burgers they are available in Youth Hotel.

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Kumgangsan, Myohyangsan and Paektusan are three significant tourist destinations and outstanding hills with splendid atmosphere, and they are heavily fortunate with unique plants and animals. Myohyangsan Mountain with its favorable geographical scenery is very wonderful place for hiking. Paektusan Mountain bears a wealthy history since the origin in the Kin Empire, and it holds supremacy as the greatest mountain in the Korean Peninsula.

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The spy ship at USS Pueblo helps travelers to image the historic warfare ships within the mid 20th century. This ship entered the North Korea and was taken in 1968. The ship belonged to American and used to have many crews judi online. The American crew was free a year after the ship was taken. The US left the spy ship for North Koreans to show their gratitude for what Koreans did. The spy ship today still has lots of spy equipment. It absolutely was used to make a film about the capture of boats in the territory.

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The Arch of Triumph is symbol of Korea’s freedom from Japan. In 1925 Japan invaded Korea and in 1945 when the Second World War ended, the Korea’s struggle ended too. This structure consists more than 25000 white granite blocks. This arch might be the greatest in the world at a height of 60 meters compared to the ground.

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To go to this beautiful country, you can travel by plane, train, boat or bus. You’ll find handful of airline carriers that connect North Korea with a handful of other countries. Air Koryo connects the country to China’s capital of Beijing. Air China, a modern airline compared to Air Koryo, also connects the country to Beijing-China. People from Beijing-China and Moscow-Russia could catch trains to reach North Korea’s capital, Pyongyang. Train K27/K28 normally transports people to and from these two locations. However, From Moscow to Pyongyang you can only travel once a week every Saturday morning. If you are within the north eastern coast of China, you’ll be able to search for a cruise ship that travels whose destination might be the Mt Kumgang Joint seaport in North Korea. It will take 22 hours before arriving. Going to Dadong station in China, you can catch a bus of the Dongda China Travel Company to get into North Korea.